I’m Sam Perry, and this is my blog Pedrodidthat (est. 2018) home to everything I enjoy doing in life.

In this blog I will explore every from food, golf courses, men’s style, lifestyle, outdoor’s, sports, travel and my dog Bud.

I’m a huge foodie, so expect to see some restaurant reviews; recipe’s and lot’s of talk around eating. I take videos, snap pictures and generally write about the stuff that makes me tick.

I’m a bit of a golf fanatic, and play off a handicap of 12. (Which is pretty average if you don’t know much about golf!), but I love to get on the course as mush as I can and write about my experience. I regularly play in competitions, so of there’s any success expect a write up on that too!


I’m particularly interested in mens fashion, and although I don’t class myself as the next Gok Wan, I always take care in my appearance and have a general interest in mens trends,

Growing up

I grew up in Aldridge, a small village outside of Walsall, based in the Black Country of the West Midlands. You know where them Peaky Blinder folk were from. It’s a nice little place, where unfortunately everyone knows each other business, but there’s some great people I’ve grew up with over the years.It’s a 20 minute drive from Birmingham, so I wasn’t exactly out in the sticks. But if you ever UK escape, then don’t go to Walsall.


Me, my brother Dan, and the late George Best


I was always bright at school, and did relatively well but hung around with the wrong crowd. I got decent grades and didn’t know what to do with my career so decided to go to college for 12 months to study retail & distribution. I ended up passing but spent more time smoking weed with wannabee gangsters in the multi story car park next door,I met lots of new people, and found some inner confidence and had developed a huge social circle



As much as enjoyed such an epic social life, and crazy weekends of partying I decided to work with some family friends in the steel manufacturing industry. I was based in Wednesbury working with a lad called Harry, who taught me everything about how to run a business. I worked across Sales, Operations & Finance and got to understand all commercial aspects of how a profitable company operated, I was young, and naive, but felt unstoppable. I was whilst still living the high life and enjoying every minute of it. Harry always worked his arse off and one day was tragically murdered, and my perception on life started to change. Harry had worked all his life and hadn’t had chance to enjoy the finer life as much as he should. He was 23 and had the whole life ahead of him.


I continued to work in Finance, with a company based in Lichfield for a few years, Still living the champagne lifestyle whilst living with Mom and Dad. In 2011 when the credit crunch hit, I moved into recruitment, and have continued to work in the industry since. I’ve always specialised in finance and accountancy and have moire recently launched a Finance Division to a small boutique search firm in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

LinkedIn Photo

At the age of 30, and being single, I decided to start blogging, after writing a few work related blogs and finding a hidden passion. I will be writing about my lifestyle, work, every day life, and some of the interests below:




Dining Out








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