Wrapping the weekend up


After what can only be described as a dismally quiet weekend, it’s Sunday evening and I’m reflecting on my past few days. Weekends for me are usually hectic, but as we’ve had some extreme weather conditions and I’ve spent most of the weekend in the apartment.

I’ve just made a lunch snack for work tomorrow and now sat watching the last round of the WGC Golf Chamionship.

For my lunch tomorrow, I’ve mixed some chopped chicken breast and mixed with olive oil and Cajun spices I had left over from last nights Cajun Cod. Placed in an ovenproof dish, covered in some foil and heated for around 20 mins at 180c/350f. I always cover with foil as the chicken stays more juicy and tender. When the chicken is cooked, leave to cool. Then place onto a tortilla wrap as pictured, and throw on some mixed salad, mint yoghurt sauce and then wrap! An easy lunch prepared the night before using some of last nights spices. (I still can’t get over how good the Cajun Cod was last night!)

I’ve managed to get a few blogs posted now, and have recently gained a few more followers (Thanks!) which is making blogging more enjoyable.

Tomorrow I’ll be starting Day 6 of Headspace too, something I’m really excited about having read recent reviews. I’ll be posting more about Headspace soon.

A busy week a work may slow down my content this week, but I’ll ensure I keep taking lots of photos and notes to keep you all updated!

Have a good week all.

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