Bud The German Shepherd

Hey everyone…

Meet Bud.


Bud’s a Pedigree German Shepherd. He lives with my parents, but I’ve helped bring him up and I adore him to bits. He’s the second Shepherd I’ve had. Bud turned 3 in December just gone. And if though he’s no longer a pup he still acts like one. He’s a bit of a handful at times, and sometimes isn’t friendly to strangers. He guards his territory well (In other word he bites anyone who comes to the gate) and loves a bark off with the local shitzu that struts passed everyday and winds him up.


He’s an awesome Dog and has huge amounts of energy as pictured above. I’ll be sharing some videos of him soon and you’ll see what I mean.

What I love about German Shepherds, is that they are highly intelligent and always alert. You can’t open the fridge and close it without Bud’s head appearing between your legs. For years German Shepherd’s have bene used as rescue dogs, police dogs as well as in the military. They’re extremely loyal, have excellent senses, but most of all they’re so much fun!


German Shepherds are medium – large sized dogs, and as they are very energetic they also require lots of exercise. Bud loves his ball, however throwing it from one side of the living room to another isn’t going to exercise him. He needs a good run out and lots of attention. But he’s definitely worth every minute of it.


I share everything with Bud. And so does my Dad. My Mom’s a little stricter with him but someone needs to be I guess. I suppose it’s not good dog owner etiquette to let your dog sit and stair at you whilst eating your dinner most nights drooling all over the tiled floor. He licks the carton of a finished yoghurt, licks up any crisps you’e dropped, and has even been known to eat fruit.


I remember the one evening round my parent’s house I’d bought a mixed berry fruit salad pot. I’d eaten a spoonful before placing it on the kitchen table, and going to speak with my Dad in the lounge. When I’d walked in the kitchen Bud had jumped up, knocked the salad pot onto the floor and eaten most of it. Leaving nothing but a great big strawberry. I mean come on Bud, you could have had at least finished it, let alone left the best bit! He’d eaten blackberries, blueberries and even raspberries. One of his favourite treats is a Biscotti! One of those small caramel biscuits you get in the sealed pack when you buy a posh coffee!



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