Hi everyone.

I’ve recently read a few posts online about how good Headspace has worked for some people who have had issues with anxiety and stress.

I work in Headhunting and Executive Search. When I’m extremely busy, I some times find it difficult to focus and as a result I’m not as productive as I should be. This has then led to slight anxiety issues, and often have lots of different thoughts running through my head. I’ve felt drained, slightly depressed and have had anxiety issues on numerous occasions.

After looking into different methods to help manage my thoughts and emotions better, and having looked at different reviews from Headspace, I wanted to give it a try.

I’ve downloaded the app and registered and I’m currently on Day 4. So far so good, although I’m yet to see any benefits as I appreciate it’s still early on.

Is it worth signing up to a premium package, and downloading additional packs.

Has anyone used Headspace who can share their experiences with me?


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