The Beast From The East

So it’s been a funny old week in Sutton Coldfield. The dreaded Beast from The East has arrived, and the whole of the Great Barr seems to have started panic buying from Asda. Judging by the traffic this afternoon outside of there, it’s been reported that families have been seen panic buying for boxes of faggots, and tinned steak and kidney pies. It’s now 7pm and the snow is still swirling around the sky and cars are struggling to get up the down the roads as the night get’s colder, and the roads become more icy.


Cars have been abandoned, unfortunately accidents have happened and I’ve not managed to play golf in over a week! And looking out the window at the moment I doubt I’ll be playing again this weekend.


I’ve worked from home the past few days, as fortunately for me my job allows me to have flexibility around working. I can work remotely from home and enjoy working with a bacon sarnie, and a caramel latte at any point. I can have the golf on in the background, or music, and don’t tend to have any distractions and get more done.


The last thing I wanted to do when I got up this morning is drive on the dangerous icy roads, and sit on the Aston expressway for about twenty minutes. It’s not me I worry about driving it’s some of the other idiots on the road. When I was younger I used to race about in the snow but having experience of driving for over 12 years, I now know it’s best just to take it easy. My Dad sent me a picture of his 6am commute this morning (below) near Walsall. How bad does it look?

It’s not so bad when your only doing 20mph, but when you can’t see a fucking thing out of your windscreen, and your driving along black ice and some dickhead in a Fiesta ST is flashing you to go faster, I felt like bouncing a snowball off his front windscreen.

The weather has drastically changed in the West Midlands this week, and us Brits just aren’t used to this cold weather and climate change.

I drove to my Mom’s on Wednesday night, had some tea, and left around 8.30pm, and when I got back in my car the temperature gauge read -7°C. I don’t think my car had ever been that cold before.

I also saw a Mercedes abandoned in Sutton Coldfield last night as the rear wheel drive obviously couldn’t get him up the hill. I do feel for some that have to use public transport in these conditions, and employers not giving any flexibility around it. I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting on a bus and sitting in hour of traffic freezing your tits off.

The roads have got so bad, I’m not even able to go over to my parent’s tonight for my weekly Chinese. It looks as though I’m doing jack all else tonight other than watching the golf with my pal, and that’s if he ever gets here. I’ve just walked to the shop to pic some essentials up and as you can see from the pictures below, it’s a pretty miserable evening.


Hopefully over the coming weeks when the weather’s a bit better I’ll have some more interesting blogs to post. Until then, I’m just going to continue to declutter the apartment and pray for the weather to get better and for the Beast From the East to fuck off back to where it came from.


  1. It hasn’t been as bad here in Cornwall, but we did lose one day to a coating of ice. It was one of those days where if you didn’t need to go out, you’d be crazy to. Now it’s all thawing.


    • It’s been bad in some parts of the midlands, and the roads were terrible yesterday, Glad to hear it’s not too bad near you. I’ve pretty much stayed in all weekend cooking and blogging!


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