My First Ever Blog Post

30 Years old. Male. Single. Newly found blogger. Amateur cook. Average golfer. Party Pooper. Career driven. Animal Lover. Life liver.

Having recently hit the age of 30, new year approaching too, I thought I need to start jotting down some of this crazy life I live. So I’ve decided to start writing blogs, and share pictures past experiences I’ve had, and whatever the future holds.

I’m pretty new to blogging. But not new to living.

My name’s Sam, otherwise known as Pedro. That’s not because I’m Spanish, but because I inherited the name from my Dad. He’s not Spanish either.

I’m 30 years old, single, and live in an apartment in a residential area known as Four Oaks, in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England. My parents live together, just down the road from me with my dog – Bud.


I have an older brother Dan, who lives out in Dubai. (I’ll share some pictures of my recent visit soon).

I’ve always had nice things in life, worked hard, had a successful job but always lived a good life. I wasn’t always the best behaved, but managed to build a huge circle of friends and was mostly liked by others. I have so many stories to tell, and have been privileged to have been on this roller coaster ride. I’ve had a crazy 30 years, so here’s to the next.


I work in recruitment, and get paid to find senior finance professional professionals for blue chip companies all over the UK. It’s a stressful job but it’s social, enjoyable and of most importantly it pays well. Outside of work, for the past 15 years I’ve lived a pretty crazy lifestyle, partied all over the world, had far too many holiday’s. I’ve always been popular and kept a very active and social life. Not long ago I hit 30 and thought I need to make a few changes in life, but I’ll explain more about my past in future blogs. When I’m not working some of my other interests include:

Cooking Dining, Golf, Mountain Biking, Travel, Dating, Business, Fashion, Lifestyle and Snowboarding


Last year was pretty exciting year for me. Snowboarding in Val-d’Isère, Golfing in Marbella and Vilamoura, as well as many other crazy weekends away in the UK. What topped my year off was spending New Year in Dubai, and I’ll be sharing some of these stories soon.


I’ll try to keep you updated throughout the year but some of the adventures and weekends away I’ve already booked are:

MarchThe Bull Dog Hotel, Amsterdam

April – Snowbombing, Mayhrhofen, Austria

AprilBelton Woods Golf Club, Lincolnshire

I’ll be posting some pics, sharing stories and reviewing as many places as possible in 2018. Thanks for reading my first ever blog!.

I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to share like and comment. But most of all please follow as I’ll be posting more content very soon!

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